Adventure Package

Sample Itinerary | 7 Days 6 Nights

  • Day 1

    Meet and greet at the Belize international airport. Our first stop may be for a meal. If not, we head straight to your rainforest lodge.

  • Day 2

    We will hit a trail at the start of the day. Hike back to the lodge and enjoy lunch. Later in the day, enjoy river tubing.

  • Day 3

    Officially known as Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave, but commonly referred to as the ATM Cave, this vast underground complex offers visitors a fascinating glimpse into the lost world of the ancient Maya.

  • Day 4

    We depart the rainforest lodge/hotel and head to the coast. Before we get there, we’ll stop for cave kayaking adventure. At the meet point, everyone gets geared up with a lifejacket, helmet, headlamp, paddle, and their own inflatable kayak. The kayaks are so light and maneuverable and most importantly, they’re super comfortable, which is crucial as you’ll be in them for the better part of 4 hours

  • Day 5

    We depart your hotel/resort (accommodation property) for a fantastic hike, zip ling and waterfall rappelling

  • Day 6

    Enjoy Snorkeling off one of Belize’s 400 cayes OR hike Tiger fern Trail and waterfall swim in Jaguar Preserve

  • Day 7

    Depart to your next destination

No, Belize is not all beaches and cayes.  Located in the heart of Central America, the idyllic nation of Belize offers an abundance of amazing places to visit. On your visit to this peaceful, democratic, scenic, and English-speaking nation, you will discover some of the most remarkable sights, sounds, and experiences anywhere on Earth.

Looking to also learn more about how the Maya people once lived? Sometimes referred to as the “Cave of the Stone Sepulcher,” this ancient cave features beautiful pools as well as Maya artifacts and skeletons. We’ll make a trip to the entrance of xibalba.

 If you are an adventure seeker, we have options for you.