Family Package

Sample Itinerary | 7 Days 6 Nights

  • Day 1

    Meet and greet at the Belize international airport. Our first stop may be for a meal or a visit to the Belize zoo. This zoo will surprise you and warm your heart.

  • Day 2

    Explore the Caribbean Sea. You’ve never snorkeled before? No problem. Or do a family beach Bar B Q with your catch from fishing

  • Day 3

    How about cooking a meal together? Enjoy a cultural immersion day with local music, and food

  • Day 4

    May we suggest a local art class?

  • Day 5

    The family may want some time to relax and reflect before heading home.

  • Day 6

    Marie Sharp’s fine food, Cheese tasting and a museum

  • Day 7

    Depart to your next destination

When was the last time you together?

Experience the magic of family travel in Belize. Reconnect as you laugh heartily, embrace more tightly, and create lasting memories. The key to taking kids abroad? Choosing a destination that captivates all ages.

Lots of parents decide to take their children outside their country to broaden their horizons, expose them to other cultures and remind them that the world is a very big place that doesn’t necessarily revolve around them.

But no matter a child’s age, picking a destination that’s not just loaded with things to do but is located just a few hours away by plane is a wise move. That’s why Belize is attracting more and more families year-round. Whether you are planning a maiden voyage, or you’ve already been here, you’ll discover in Belize so many ways to expose your kids to more… you might need to extend your vacation stay to do it all!