Hopkins is the Afro-Caribbean capital of Belize. It’s known for its rich culture of Garifuna drumming and dance, and Creole cuisine. The Garifuna people are descendants of West and Central Africa, Arawak and Carib Indians who came to Central America in the 18th century. The sleepy village of Hopkins is also close to some amazing islands, waterfalls and caves. You can take a boat trip to the islands to explore some of the whitest beaches and clearest waters in Belize, many of which are hidden gems that tourists don’t know about yet.

Travelers have the option of staying in Hopkins for a few nights or visiting on a day tour, like the Hopkins Garifuna Cultural Experience that we offer here at Barefoot Services. On the tour guests enjoy authentic, homemade Garifuna foods while watching a live performance of traditional Garifuna drumming.

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