San Ignacio

Immerse in Belize’s captivating landscapes as San Ignacio invites with nature’s splendor and vibrant culture. From tranquil Placencia shores to lively Hopkins vibes and tropical San Pedro allure, experience diverse, awaiting experiences. Embark on a journey unveiling exquisite accommodations in San Ignacio and beyond, offering a unique fusion of comfort, luxury, and eco-friendly charm.

Chaa Creek

Discover the allure of Chaa Creek, an esteemed eco-lodge and resort nestled in the heart of Belize’s Cayo District, just moments from the charming town of San Ignacio. Perched within a sprawling 400-acre private nature reserve alongside a tranquil river, Chaa Creek offers a haven of natural beauty and indulgent comfort.


Accommodations at Chaa Creek are a fusion of rustic charm and modern luxury. From thatched-roof cabins to lavish villas and suites, each abode exudes a sense of adventure and relaxation. Step onto your private veranda, breathe in the fresh jungle air, and let the soothing waters of outdoor showers invigorate your senses.


Delight your palate at the on-site restaurant, where locally-inspired cuisine takes center stage. Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation at the spa or take a refreshing dip in the infinity pool. Engage in a myriad of activities, from horseback riding and canoeing to guided nature walks. Chaa Creek stands as a beacon of sustainable tourism, committed to both preserving the environment and enriching local communities.

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Cassia Hill

Elevate your stay in San Ignacio at Cassia Hill Resort, a boutique gem perched atop a hill with panoramic rainforest views. Experience the harmony between modern comforts and the natural world in this enchanting corner of western Belize.


Choose from 16 spacious and thoughtfully appointed suites, each a sanctuary of tranquility. Stay cool with air conditioning, enjoy convenience with a mini-fridge and coffee maker, and savor moments of serenity on your private balcony or terrace.


Indulge your senses at the resort’s inviting restaurant, serving a fusion of Caribbean and international flavors. Unwind by the outdoor pool, or mingle at the bar and lounge. With Cassia Hill Resort as your base, uncover the wonders of San Ignacio, where nature’s beauty and cultural treasures converge.

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Black Rock Lodge

Immerse yourself in the captivating embrace of nature at Black Rock Lodge, an eco-lodge harmoniously nestled within Belize’s Cayo District, near the vibrant town of San Ignacio. Perched along the banks of the Macal River, surrounded by lush rainforest and captivating mountain vistas, Black Rock Lodge is a sanctuary for the soul.

Discover accommodations that blend rustic elegance and modern comforts seamlessly. Retreat to your rustic-chic cabana, complete with a private balcony and hammock, offering a front-row seat to the symphony of nature. Refresh under the open sky with outdoor showers that rejuvenate both body and spirit.

Savor culinary delights at the lodge’s restaurant and bar, where local inspirations take center stage. Take a dip in the inviting swimming pool, or soak in the tranquility of the hot tub. Black Rock Lodge’s commitment to sustainability shines through conservation initiatives that protect the local ecosystem and its precious inhabitants.

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San Ignacio Resort

Welcome to San Ignacio Resort, an exquisite eco-friendly haven nestled in the heart of Belize’s vibrant San Ignacio town. Here, the fusion of opulence and nature creates an unparalleled retreat for discerning travelers seeking both comfort and adventure.


Indulge in a range of accommodations, from superior rooms to lavish suites and villas, each offering modern amenities and sweeping views of the lush jungle and rolling hills. Dine in style at the resort’s elegant restaurant, where international and Belizean flavors dance on your palate.


Relaxation awaits by the outdoor pool, and the bar beckons with refreshing libations. With its strategic location, San Ignacio Resort invites you to explore ancient Mayan ruins, traverse mysterious caves, and partake in thrilling activities like horseback riding and river tubing. A sanctuary of serenity and excitement, San Ignacio Resort promises an unforgettable escape.


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Mystic River Lodge

Embark on a journey to Mystic River Lodge Belize, a secluded boutique retreat cocooned within the embrace of the rainforest near San Ignacio. Here, authenticity meets modern comfort, and the rhythm of nature guides your every moment.


Discover accommodations that pay homage to local craftsmanship and materials, inviting you to connect with the essence of Belize. From cozy rooms to luxurious suites and villas, each abode exudes an ambiance of rustic charm and tranquility. Delight in farm-to-table cuisine at the open-air restaurant, where every bite is a celebration of the region’s flavors.


Unwind by the shimmering pool, and let the bar’s offerings tickle your taste buds. As your haven for exploration, Mystic River Lodge Belize invites you to delve into the wonders of Western Belize, where personalized service and eco-conscious practices define your immersive jungle experience.


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